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The foot of Saint Mary in Lamulas or Lamula is located at the slopes of Montelaterone hill in the municipality of Arcidosso and is a very beautiful and interesting religious building connected to the Cavaliers Templari and located near the Sacra Via Michelita of the ancient Via Francigena.

It was built by the monks Benedettini at the request of the Abbey of Saint Salvatore in the year 837.

In the Middle Ages the religious building was located near a village called Lamule and from which no remains visible.

The village of Lamule or Vico Lamule was also known as Lama (i.e. pond or swamp in medieval Latin).

The legend has his name resurrected in the history of "delle mula", a donkey carrying the statue of the Virgin Mary, knelt at the point where the church should rise, so much that even today the signs of the donkey's knees are still be visible.

Over the years, the importance of the creek as an economic and administrative center, also thanks to the markets that took place every Saturday near the religious building.

In 1286 the church was restored in how a testimony was made on the first pillar, which translated says: In the year of the Lord 1268 in the month of June at the time of King Carlo d'Angi ò, Paganuccio made this work to be a fear Auntie is done.

To increase the charm of this place, the presence of many symbols associated with the templar knights contribute.

About 10 years ago a gallery of almost 90 meters was discovered just below the church floor, probably tied to the Temples.

From some studies of Evince that the pew in the past may have been a Temple House, in fact Lamula contains many iconic temple tracks: the flower of life, the cross, the symbols associated with the worship of water etc... More than a church to templare it could be considered a "Post Station", as built in the vicinity of ancient pilgrimage roads very important as the ancient Sacra Michelita Way that from Mont Saint Michael reached the Sacra of San Mic Hele in Val di Susa, touched the Montesiepi Roundabout and bent towards Cinigiano and Santa Fiora to then reach Mount Sant Angelo sul Gargano, the island of Symi in Greece and arriving to Jerusalem as the legend wants, of the land "sign" left by the sword of Archangel Michele when he defeated Lucifer.

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