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Fattoria Terre del Marchesato

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The translation of the winery name is Lands of the Marquisate. 1954 Emilio Fuselli buys a plot of land from the Marchese Incisa della Rocchetta, thus beginning the winery.

The Marquis is famed for starting the sublime Sassicaia, but that is in another blog.

Our trip to Terre del Marchesato was a wonderful mild December morning. The winery is a small independent family run business, the love, dedication, innovation and hard work shines through the whole winery and results in superb wines.

Our introduction started at the fireside, what a wonderful way to start. Serena introduced the family, history of the winery & area and gave an insight into the winery grape varieties and methods of production.

We then went out to the farm to learn more about the techniques of wine making, the grapes, the grafting of French varieties onto older roots, the terroir and the orientation of the vines being planted to allow the sea breeze to blow through them, this assists with reducing pests thus helping to grow a quality grape which creates a quality wine.

In the fermentation room, Serena explained the process and style that they have developed.

The aging room was a marvel, row upon row of French oak barriques each holding 225 litres of lovely deep red wine relaxing and maturing.

There was a wonderful aroma in the aging room, woody, spicy, smoky and fruity. All characteristics that are imparted into the wine. The Barriques are only used for 3 years and are subjected to daily batonnage, this is stirring the barrels and mixing the wine, this creates a wine with more body, softer tannins and intense aroma.

Now the most enjoyable part, tasting of the wines, we opted for the premium wine selection. Marchesale, Tarabuso, Franchesato, Aldone and Maurizio Fuselli. What a tantalising experience, the wines danced on the tongue, lingered in the mouth and went down very smoothly. Each had their own characteristics, Serena guided us but encouraged us to delve into our senses to Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Savour each wine.

Marchesale - a DOC Bolgheri Superiore a blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot. Aromas of Blackberry, balsamic, black pepper, citrus tones, flavour is predominantly black fruits with hints of cocoa. Nice on the tongue and silky smooth.

Tarabuso - IGT Toscana Rosso - 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Intense aromas of red fruit, pepper, tobacco, cocoa and orange, flavour red fruit with soft tannins.

Franchesato - IGT Toscana Rosso - 100% Cabernet Franc. Intense aromas of red and black fruits and black pepper, flavour warm and structured predominantly fruity with a long finish.

Aldone - IGT Toscana Rosso 100% Merlot. Complex intense aromas of red berries, rose, herbs and woody. Flavour very soft and silky warm flavour of berries, vanilla and black pepper.

Maurizio Fuselli - IGT Toscana Rosso - 100% Petit Verdot. Intense aromas of Black fruits, spicy pepper, cocoa. Warm fresh wine with velvety tannins.

As I mentioned wine tasting is very subjective, it’s a unique experience to be enjoyed, everyone's senses differ thus taste and smell is an individual experience.

We had a wonderful day at Terre del Marchesato and highly recommend a visit. We will return for the Old vintages tasting

The wine my wife bought me for my birthday..

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